Canlaon Volcano, Philippines

Photos by Robert Gardner

The twin-peaked massif of Canlaon Volcano (aka Mt. Kanlaon) rises 2,465 meters above the island of Negros just 40-km southwest of the capital Bacolod. [View Map]

The Mt. Kanlaon National Park, established in 1934, encompasses 24,558-ha and harbors some of the few remaining tracts of rainforest, a variety of wildlife, and, reputedly, armed bands of the insurgent New Peoples Army.

Access to the park can be best gained from the Mambucal Resort located near the Wasay Entrance Station. Check back for a description of "A Trek to Canlaon." The Mt. Kanla-on Climbing Guide is now available. Here are some photos from a group trek in 1983. A few more photos will be added soon.

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