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Horace Underwood LITTLE

LITTLE, Horace Underwood
birth date: 24-December-1872
p. Buffalo, N.Y.
d. 12-July-1947
p. Manila, Phils.
His father: Horace Federick LITTLE

His mother: Meribah UNDERWOOD

b. 6-June-1892
p. Cotabato, Phils.
d. 6-March-1955
p. Manila, Phils.
Her father: Unknown

Her mother: Unknown

Marriage date: 8-June-1914?
Place: Jolo, Sulu, Phils

Children of this Marriage

Full Name Sex Birth Death
1. Carmen LITTLE F ? ?
2. Florence LITTLE F 25-Feb-1911
Jolo, Sulu, Phils.
Concord, Calif.
3. Howard LITTLE M ? ?
4. Winthrop LITTLE M ?  
5. Rose LITTLE F ?  
6. Edith LITTLE F ?  

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