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William H. Gardner and Family
Manila, Philippines abt. 1925

Welcome Family and Friends!

This collection of pages provides some family history starting with my parents William L. GARDNER and Carmelita Q. AGUILAR.  The history traces back through the Philippines in the 1900's and eventually back to America in the 1800's.

As you can tell it's a work in progress and I hope to add more photos, history and documentation as time allows and also spruce it up with backgrounds and graphics. I've been thinking about putting together the family history for quite some time but I finally got inspired after receiving a copy of the Gardner-Bass Family Journal written by my Aunt Flora Gardner-Bass. Part of it was published on the Web by her grandson Michael de Tomaso.

Aunt Flora's journal provided valuable information about the Gardner line of ancestry but not only that; it also provided valuable contacts with other family members doing genealogical research.

American genealogical records are difficult enough to research although much of it is becoming available on the internet. Philippine records are even scarcer because of two devastating wars in the last century. Most of my information on the Philippine side is based on memories of older relatives.

If you're visiting as a guest, maybe you'll be inspired to record your own family roots. I hope so. I'll add "Tips and Links" as I come across them especially regardning Philippine sources.

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