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Marvin Edward GARDNER

GARDNER, Marvin Edward
birth date: 7-July-1907
place: Manila, Phils.
death date: 17-November-1955
burial: Baguio City, Phils.
religion: Roman Catholic
occupation: seaman, actor, director
military: Philippine guerrilla, WWII
His father: William Henry GARDNER

His mother: Ceferina DE CASTRO

LITTLE, Florence
birth date: 25-February-1911
place: Jolo, Sulu, Phils.
death date: 22-January-1997
burial: ashes scattered on San Francisco Bay
occupation: actress, Phil-Am Life Insurance
Her father: Horace LITTLE

Her mother: Rosario DE LOS SANTOS

Marriage date: 8-September-1928
Place: Manila, Phils.

Children of this Marriage

Full Name Sex Birth Death
1. Marvin Edward GARDNER, Jr. M 29-Nov-1929
Manila, Phils.
2. William GARDNER M 12-May-1931
Manila, Phils.

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