Family Group Record For

William Henry GARDNER


GARDNER, William Henry
birth date: 20-December-1870
place: Dyer Co., Tenn.
death date: 12-March-1929
burial: North Cemetery, Manila, Phils.
religion: Methodist
occupation: journalist, police
military: volunteer 33rd Infantry Spanish-American War.
His father: David Asbury GARDNER

His mother: Julia PAYNE

DE CASTRO, Ceferina
birth date: 26-August-1888
place: San Miguel, Bulacan, Phils.
death date: 19-October-1948
burial: North Cemetery, Manila, Phils.
Her father: Unknown

Her mother: Unknown

Marriage date: 1-June-1905 (certificate 25-Jun-1918)
Place: Manila, Phils.
Other Spouses of William Henry:
Vinnie: married 1893 divorced 1902 son William born in 1893.

Children of this Marriage


Full Name Sex Birth Death
1. Marvin Edward GARDNER M 7-July-1907
Manila, Phils.
Baguio City, Phils.
2. Dolores GARDNER F 12-June-1909
Manila, Phils.
San Francisco, Calif.
3. Trinidad GARDNER F 26-July-1912
Manila, Phils.
Los Angeles, Calif.
4. Cora GARDNER F 30-April-1915
Manila, Phils.
Laguna Beach, Calif.
5. Flora GARDNER F 25-June-1916
Manila, Phils.
Laguna Beach, Calif.
6. George Thomas GARDNER M 20-Apr-1926
Manila, Phils.
Hampton, Virginia

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