Filipino Fisherman

- Photos by Bob Gardner

During the day when we weren't fishing, local fisherman would come to the boat in their small outriggers and we would give them some of the catch. This was primarily to maintain goodwill but it was also a way to barter for fresh vegetables and meat. Otherwise we would just be eating--you guessed it--fish. We made our way through Tayabas Bay and I was beginning to realize that the boat NEVER goes to shore. After about four days a couple of crewmen took the skiff to a small island to pick up some supplies and I jumped on just to experience what it was like to be on solid ground again.

Eventually we reached Ragay Gulf where the boat caught a lot of fish. After a couple weeks I was ready for some different scenery so when the skiff was taken to shore, I said my goodbyes and headed for terra firma. I ended up in Camarines Sur near Naga from where I started south past Mayon Volcano, through Legazpi, Samar, Leyte, then eventually to Cebu.

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