Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort

Water runs deep and strong in the Pagsanjan River. It is benevolent at times but can rage in fury when the rains come to prod a white-water mass racing downstream.

Many adventures have been born in this river. To thrill and beguile.

Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort is a major launching point for boat rides to the great falls...beginning where most other journeys end.

The Falls

The first resort built in this Laguna town of folk rites and sweet lanzones, it offers first class amenities in rustic surroundings.

Like the river, Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort links the travellers to a very special adventure...a resort hewn out of nature to offer visitors their own private escape.

It has a spacious lobby bar, 13 air-conditioned rooms, 15 comfortable rooms, a boathouse with two air-conditioned rooms, a discotheque with the latest state-of-the-art sound and light system, and karaoke featuring the latest wide-screen video and monitors. Additional amenities include a terrace restaurant overlooking the river, conference halls, a giant spring-fed swimming pool, an open-air veranda, souvenir shop, a tree-covered promenade, picnic huts, and secure parking.

Come visit Pagsanjan and savor its quaint surprises. Stay at the Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort and open the door to adventure. Gustatory surprises such as freshwater carp and prawn caught in nearby mountain lakes or coconuts plucked right before your eyes are waiting.

Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort

Owned and Managed by
Laguna Tourist Inn Corporation
Brgy. Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna
Tels. 645-1251 * 645-1209

Office: No 6 San Isidro St., Brgy. Pineda
Kapitolyo Subd. Pasig, Metro Manila

Tels. 632-78-34 * 632-03-12 * 633-99-17
Fax Nos. 632-03-07 * 632-03-16