Philippine Spiritual Healers

The Philippines has a tradition of folk medicine passed down through the generations since time immemorial.  Even after the establishment of top-notch medical schools producing doctors and nurses renowned around the world, the traditional healing arts continued to thrive amongst the population in far-flung islands and barrios.  It wasn't long before a certain group of healers, the "psychic surgeons", gained their own world-renown, while  stirring a little controversy, in the 1970's.  Without arguing for or against any type of treatment, this list is provided for students of the healing arts.  No recommendation is made to any particular healer for any purpose (see disclaimer below).  Addresses and contact information frequently change and no guarantee is made that the information is current or that the healer is still in practice.  Some healers take extended trips or have residences outside of the country.  In general, healers are visited through travel agents who specialize in faith healers or through hotels in Manila and Baguio City.  The Pangasinan province is considered the birthplace of spiritual healing and Cebu City is a center for healers in the Visayas.  Check the links to gain more information about healers and healing modalities.  Many of the books in the bibliography are available at bookstores, on-line and in libraries.

DISCLAIMER: This directory is for general information purposes only. The author does not endorse nor make referrals to any particular healer and  makes no claims, warranties or guarantees to the veracity of the information in this directory or any information found on a site linked from this directory.  The information on this site is to be used at your own risk.

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