Spiritual Healer, Emilio Laporga

Photos by Robert Gardner

Traditional healers and folk "doctors" abound and play an important role in the Philippines. A few have the special ability of "psychic" surgery which they attribute to the Holy Spirit. The ability to remove diseased tissue without anesthesia, surgical tools, or any particular concern with infection is unique to healers in the Philippines.

Emilio Laporga, from Pangasinan, resides and practices in Cebu City. Like all healers, Mr. Laporga uses a variety of methods to treat ailments that includes surgery when necessary. His specialty is pulling teeth! Most of his patients are the local people often poor and unable to afford treatment at a clinic. I observed his work during several days in the mid-80's. He removed a small tumor from my shoulder. The photos show an operation to remove a large tumor from the upper back of a young woman. I'll add more information here and would appreciate any feedback or contributions. Warning: These photos are graphic and are not for the sqeamish.

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