O. Nash 

A Tribute to the Poet, Ogden Nash (1902-1971)

"... my field -- the minor idiocies of humanity" 

Short Subjects 
Reflection on Babies 

A bit of talcum
Is always walcum. 

The Parent 

Children aren't happy with nothing to ignore,
And that's what parents were created for. 

Family Court 

One would be in less danger
From the wiles of a stranger
If one's own kin and kith
Were more fun to be with. 

Samson Agonistes 

I test my bath before I sit,
And I'm always moved to wonderment
That what chills the finger not a bit
Is so frigid upon the fundament. 

Song of the Open Road 

I think that I shall never see
A billboard as lovely as a tree.
Perhaps unless the billboards fall,
I'll never see a tree at all. 

Lather as You Go 

Beneath this slab
John Brown is stowed.
He watched the ads
And not the road. 

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