Six Days in Cebu - Photo Page

by Kunio Imamura

Upon arrival at the villa, we were greeted warmly by Juan and helpers of the villa.  It was a good moment to renew our friendship. 

The beautiful scenery from our room on the second floor made me realize that we had reached our tropical paradise, Cebu. 

That morning, we visited “the Tops” which is the highest spot on the island.  The trip from Cebu City was a scenic one-hour-drive that zigzagged up the mountain.  When we arrived at the summit around noon, we found that there were no visitors except us.  We enjoyed the solitude and a breathtaking view of Metro Cebu and the island of Mactan and Olango. 

I went to the marketplace by tricycle (motorcycle with a sidecar ) which is a convenient way to get around. 

Although not a regular churchgoer, I joined the next congregation which numbered about one thousand. It was unbelievable to me that so many people gather to a religious place every week since we in Japan do not regularly participate in religious activities. 

Along the back way to the villa, I struggled to climb up a coconut tree, but the laws of gravity kept me from doing so! 

For our last supper in Cebu, Anita prepared  a delicious soup, baked squid and a fresh vegetable salad which delighted us because Filipinos rarely prepare such salads. 

Our trip was over.  Though it passed more quickly than we’d expected, it was a worthwhile experience to get to know well Philippines – both the country and the people.