The Association of Philippine Mountaineers

The Association of Philippine Moutaineers (APM) is formerly called Congress Mountaineers. It is a duly registered organization of mountaineers with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manila. One of the major accomplishment of APM is being the first mountaineering group to be able to traverse the crater of Mt. Pinatubo after its eruption.

APM is currently conducting training for future mountaineers and members are available for guideship.

Interested parties regarding the APM and its activities may contact:

Tel. (632)9225760



On the other hand, I am a founding member of the CCPAP Outdoor Society (COS). Some of the members, to include Philip, of this outdoor society are also members of the APM.

CCPAP or the Coordinating Council of the Philippine Assistance Program is an office under the Office of the President of the Philippines.

COS whish is basically an outdoor group conducts activities not limited to trekking and backpacking but other outdoor activities as well, including scuba diving, caving, camping, etc.

Edwin L. Barcenas

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