1. Echo/Mailing List Name
2. Moderator's Full Name
3. Moderator's E-mail Address
4. Participation 
5. Access 
Milo Villabroza 
Open to all outdoor enthusiasts. 
Available thru Internet mailing list and thru RP-Fidonet BBS.
6. Description of this Echo 
  • Discussion on topics covering outdoor sports like backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, spelunking, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc ...
  • Posting of itineraries of outdoor activities, scheduled climbs, dives, "summit" meetings, powwows, etc ...
  • Tips on new outdoor destinations, new outdoor gizmo's, how-to's, checklists, contact persons, etc ...
  • Advertisements related to above topics. Please limit posts to no more than 2 times a month.
  • Environmental issues and related matters
7. The following types of messages will not be allowed 
  • Test messages
  • BBS ads
  • Encrypted messages
  • Binary files
  • Message-robot generated postings. Exception to this will be announcements made by the moderator.
8. All complaints related to messages posted to this echo / list should be addressed to: echo-complaints@sierra.cyber.org.ph . Do not post your complaints in the message area ! 

9. Last revision : March 31, 1998


For People With Internet Accounts 

1. How to join the RP-Outdoors mailing list.

   To subscribe to this echo as a mailling list, send e-mail to:
   with the body of the message containing:
        subscribe OUTDOOR

   You will be sent a message by listserv asking for a confirmation.
   Send an e-mail again to:
   with the body of the message containing:
        confirm  xxxxxxx
   where xxxxxx  is the number sent to you. This is to ensure that
   the person is actually the one subscribing to the list.

2. How to unsubscribe.

   You can unsubscribe from the list just by sending e-mail to:
   with the body of the message containing:
        unsubscribe OUTDOOR

3. Are non-subscibers blocked from posting to the list ?

   Yes.  Only those subscribed to the list may post. Messages posted by
   non-subscribers will be forwarded to the moderator. 

If you have suggestions, please post it in this message area or if you're
a little bit shy, send me an email.

From the peak of Pilipinas Sierra.

Mabuhay !
/\/\ilo (milo@sierra.cyber.org.ph)

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