Haribon Foundation

for the Conservation of Natural Resources

Founded: 1972
Membership: 800
Area of Concern: Philippines
Executive Director: Edgardo Tongson
E-mail: emc010@wtouch.com.ph
Address: 3rd Flr, AM Building; 28 Quezon Ave, Quezon City 1100
Telefax: 712-2601 (Temporary)
Pager: 141-279798
Cell: 0918-8882270

Philippine-based Website: WWW.HARIBON.ORG.PH

Organizational Profile

Established in 1972, the Haribon Foundation is today regarded as a pioneer of the environmental movement and one of the most active environmental organizations in the Philippines. In 1984, it was registered as a science and research foundation conducting floral and faunal studies and is accredited by the Department of Science and Technology. It is also accredited with the DENR and the USAID as private voluntary organization.

Known as Haribon for short, the name refers to the endangered Philippine Eagle and the organization has its roots as a birdwatching society. The name has been retained despite the broadening of the mission, because the critical status of the Philippine Eagle symbolizes the environmental state of the country.

In the pursuit of conservation through community-based resource management, Haribon adopts an integrated, multi- disciplinary approach that is participatory and scientifically sound. Its programs include science and research, community-based resource management, environmental defense and membership development.

Haribon is a member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and collaborates with international organizations such as Greenpeace, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, Ocean Voice International, World Wide Fund for Nature and BirdLife International. It maintains a strong network with local environmental groups such as the Green Forum and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the NGOs for Protected Areas (NIPA).

A staff of 50 professionals composed of junior scientists, community organizers, lawyers, urban planners and business professionals provide a diverse mix of disciplines within the organization to fulfill the multi- discplinary but integrated nature of conservation and development work.

Haribon Vision


  1. To promote and undertake community-based resource management strategies in specific sites.

  2. To conduct scientific and socio-economic researches on the natural ecosystems for the benefit of Filipino communities and promoting sustainable approaches to development.

  3. To raise the national consciousness on sustainable development and promote a constituency for environmental issues through membership.


  1. Community Organizing and Development Program

  2. Science and Research Development Program

  3. Environmental Defense - Tanggol Kalikasan

  4. Membership and Chapter Development Program
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Ongoing or Recently Completed Projects - 1996

Special Offer
The Philippine Eagle is celebrating its centennial this year when it was first discovered by Whitehead in 1896 in Samar. To support our Philippine bird conservation program, we are selling our remaining copies of the eagle print - a 3' x 4' framable print of the majestic Philippine eagle - which can be displayed in the lobbies of offices or homes. There are only 500 copies of this limited edition, and around 15 are remaining. The prints are sold for P30,000 each. Contributions are tax-deductible in the Philippines. Interested buyers may contact Mayrose or send inquiries thru email.
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