Pilipinas Sierra, Inc.


Hundred Islands National Park/Bolinao Beach Outing

Pangasinan, Philippines
May 3,4, and 5 1996
Route: Manila-North Expressway-Concepcion-Urdaneta-100 Islands/Bolinao

Louie and Girlie and kids (Guia,Glen,Geanelle,Luigi,Gabby)
Milo, Echie, Arnold, Annette

May 3 (Friday)
Left Manila at 02:30am. Louie driving his VW camper/van.

02:30am to 09:30am - Manila to Hundred Islands (Alaminos,Pangasinan)
09:30am to 03:30pm - Hundred Islands tour / snorkeling
03:30pm to 04:30pm - Shower/prepare to leave for Bolinao
04:30pm to 05:30pm - Alaminos to Bolinao
05:30pm to 06:00pm - scouted several beach resorts
06:00pm to 07:00pm - went to Bgy. Estanza beach
                     stayed overnight

May 4 (Saturday)

stayed up to 04:00pm beach / SNORKELING at Bgy. Estanza

04:30pm to 05:00pm - Bgy. Estanza to Bgy. Patar lighthouse
05:00pm to 05:30pm - lighthouse tour
05:30pm to 05:45pm - to Cabrera beach resort
                     stayed overnight

May 5 (Sunday)

stayed up to 05:00pm beach / SNORKELING at Cabrera beach resort
surveyed cave a few minutes walk from resort
left resort at 05:45pm and arrived Manila at 01:30am.

Relevant information:
* traffic at Concepcion bypass going North (usual route is lahar-prone area)
* go to Urdaneta, turn left before hitting bridge going to Baguio
  this road leads towards Calasiao / Dagupan
* take Calasiao diversion road bypassing Dagupan city proper
* Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos
  from Alaminos town plaza turn left as you see landmark statue
  pointing towards Hundred Islands National Park tourist office which
  is located at Bgy. Lucap, Alaminos, another 15 minutes drive.
  Islands with facilities are Quezon Island, Children's beach,
  Governor's Island. These places are crowded. Drinking water costs
  P50 per gallon! Go to Taklobo reef site where one can view giant clams
  preserve and go SNORKELING. Coral reef 25 meters towards nearby isolated
  island. Colorful fishes abound. Sea is very calm because the place is
  surrounded by small islets. Choose one of the isolated islands for camp
  site to avoid the crowds. Several islands have caves !
  P5   entrance fee
  P50  parking fee
  P300 banca ride for 5 hours, P40 additional hour
       food provision for 2 banca crew to be provided by tourists
  P10  shower fee
* Bolinao, Pangasinan (site of UP Marine Research station)
  Guiguiwanen beach too commercialized. Lots of beer drinkers along the
  beach front. Not suitable if you have kids with you. This place is just
  beside the UP Marine Research Laboratory Building and is less than 10
  minutes from town proper. Go towards Balingasay where beaches are secluded
  from the usual crowd, about 15 minutes from town proper. Another 5 to 10
  minutes of unpaved road is Bgy. Estanza where we stayed. Bgy. Patar light
  house and beach is another 20 minutes ride which was our last destination
* Last trip for regular bus run is 7pm and arrives Bolinao at 1:30am via
  Dagupan bus lines. Direct trips also available via Five Star bus lines
  and Victory Liner. Fare is P120 one way. Aircon is about P160 one way.
* Tricycle to Bgy. Estanza is P7 regular and P20 - P30 if you travel solo.
  Bgy. Patar is twice the fare. Not sure if there are regular jeepneys
  plying this route.
* Other points of interest for further exploration: Bolinao falls and a
  seaside cave, supposed to be several kilometers long going towards
  Bani, Pangasinan.
* For inquiries, email to :    milo@sierra.cyber.org.ph

3rd Annual Summer Camp for Kids

Bratpackers '96 in cooperation with Museo Pambata
May 11 and 12, 1996 at the UPLB Forestry Nursery Campsite


Day 1, May 11, 1996 (Saturday)
 6:30am -  7:15am : Assembly of participants at Museo Pambata grounds
                    Sierra members who have not registered before hand
                    can proceed directly to campsite, as transport
                    arrangements for late registrants are not possible.
 7:15am -  7:30am : Boarding
 7:30am -  9:30am : Travel from Manila to UPLB College of Forestry
 9:30am - 10:00am : Prepare to Trek, assemble at Forestry Cooperative
10:00am - 11:45am : Trek to campsite (based on slowest pace)
                    Bring small water jug. Leave backpacks and other
                    heavy things at van/bus which will be transported
                    direct to campsite.
11:45am - 12:00nn : Assemble at campsite
12:00nn -  1:00pm : Lunch (Bring own packed lunch) and rest
 1:00pm -  1:30pm : Announcement of groupings / instructions
 1:30pm -  5:30pm : Short program / Introduction of families present
                    Group dynamics / Art workshop
 5:30pm -  7:00pm : Cooking
 7:00pm -  8:00pm : Dinner
 8:00pm - 10:00pm : Socials / Games / Talent portion

Day 2, May 12, 1996 (Sunday)
 6:00am -   7:00am : Cooking
 7:00am -   8:00am : Breakfast
 8:00am -   8:30am : Assignment of groupings for Trek
 8:30am -  10:45am : Nature Trek, easy pace
                     bring small water jug
10:45am -  11:30am : Back to campsite, rest
11:30am -   1:00pm : Lunch
 1:00pm -   2:00pm : Closing ceremonies
            3:00pm : Departure from UPLB
            5:00pm : ETA Manila

A. Sierra
1. Louie and family
2. Tito Doy and family
3. Caloy and family
4. Eva and 2 kids
5. Noel M and 1 kid
6. Milo
7. Arnold and Annette
8. Yeyet and family
9. Rex and family
10. Manoy
11. Jing
12. Echie (habol)
13. Traverse team: Mar, Ed, Tebot and Pops
14. Gil and family

B. Non-Sierra
1. Nestor Manguera
   2 kids
2. Dr. Domasian
   2 kids
6. Mr. Joel Tanangonan
   2 kids
7. Museo Pambata
   Ted, Peter, one nurse