Index for /mayon/ Directory -- Mt. Mayon and the Bicol Region, Philippines


  1. mayon.htm - Mayon Volcano - Introduction and 6 thumbnail images of Mayon Volcano from various perspectives. Each image links to a slideshow with larger (approx. 350x230) in-line images.

  2. mayclimb.htm - Mayon Climbing Guide - Description and typical climbing schedule. In-line images include a thumbnail of mayon [maylegs.jpg] and a climber on the peak [maypeak.jpg].

  3. bicolsit.htm - Bicol Region Tourist Sites - Listing and descriptions of popular tourist destinations.

  4. sinarap.htm - Sinarapan - Smallest Commercial Fish - Description of a native fish purported to be the World's smallest that is commercially harvested.

  5. /treks/bicolmts.htm - Mts. Isarog, Iriga and Bulusan Trek Guides - Related page located in a different directory.